Company Profile


Azimi Brothers Tourist & Travel Agency was set up in 2010, and ever since it has maintained travel management services at its core business, providing corporate, leisure and event management services.

Keeping our vision, “value for money, client satisfaction and loyalty”
As a compass Azimi Brothers Tourist & Travel Agency has evolved geographically during the last few years by expanding internationally having offices established in Istanbul-Turkey, Yiwu-China, Hamburg- Germany and Tehran – Iran. The number of passenger serviced annually today, is ten times higher than that we serviced on annul basis when we first started up. Through continuous investments in contemporary travel related technology and quality assurance, capable of meeting any travel related requirements.

Azimi Brothers Tourist & Travel Agency is one of the few Organizations that can offer, all over the world a full spectrum of travel and tourism services with flexible and efficient solutions – as a one stop supplier. The services we provide are of high standards, IATA certified and they save time, costs and resources for our customers, whereas at the same time they enable our agent clients to compete effectively in their own markets.

We invite you to share our vision and benefit from our expertise, professionalism, flexibility personalized and innovative approach towards comprehensive product portfolio.

Company History

Azimi Brothers Tourist & Travel Agency founded by Mr. Kayoomgul Azimi in 2010, has been active in the corporate, leisure travel and tourism segment, enjoying every year a dynamic growth in terms of passenger travelers, revenue and market share.

Capitalizing on the growth, deriving from the new destinations as well as the growth of many new source markets, the company’s boost has positioned it to one of the most extended and dynamic corporate and business travel management  companies, serving a large number corporate clients form all international larger travel markets.

The vision of the founder for valued, innovative and competitive services, development through long term partnerships and investment in technology and infrastructures, as well as the commitment to quality without compromises, remains intact and continues to serve as driving force for the company’s future plans.


Customer satisfaction and quality services are the prime objectives of Azimi Brothers Tourists & Travel Agency (ABTTA). The company has always provided the best quality in terms of services to its Customers. ABTTA wants to excel in travel and tourism related services backed by efficient and effective planning, while seeking to enlarge their scope and dimension.


To become the premier provider of travel and related services in the region. We’re committed to offer competitive “value for money” products and high level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction plus loyalty. We want to meet and exceed all business clients’ goals and objectives, strive for excellence in quality, integrity, and value in all that we do.

We want our partners and ourselves to grow profitably in our respective countries, through thorough market analysis, continuous product development and aggressive yield management and wise financial risk monitoring.


To lead the operations of travel and tourism industry in our relative geographic locations through constant improvement, customer satisfaction, loyalty, innovation and creation of maximum value for money and exceed customers’ expectations.

Strategic Objective

To recognize that the value of a good service is more than a competitive price. We do not only want to sell a travel package, but rather understand customers’’ needs in order to custom challenges of the clients to design a customized solution.


Azimi Brother’s Tourist & Travel Agency

  • Customer Service ( Professional, innovative , immediate)
  • Loyalty and integrity
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Team Work